blogger shout-outs

Blogger shout-outs July!!

Hello everybody! I’m starting a new monthly series from this month! As you can see by the title, I’m doing blogger shout-outs!

I’ve read / discovered a lot of new blogs in July, and here are the 10 blogs that I loved reading! Make sure you give these blogs a read, and follow them!

here it goes!




Amy@ Amy’s Musica!!

Shanessa@ My days in montana!

Tia@ Tall Blonde Tales!

Maeflower@ Musings of a Maeflower!!

Lrose5@ My Cozy Corner!

Aditi@ What are you up to during the lockdown?? !!

GOTW@ Scien-tastic!

Chasing the maximum life!

Srisha@ Sky and Soil!

Selina@ Selina’s Blog of everything!!

be sure to check out all of these blogs!

also……………………………………… um here’s a poster for Srisha’s and I’s squad. 😂🤣😂🤣 We were just talking about mosquitoes and unexpectedly created something called: SLAPPING MOSQUITOES IN THE FACE (ew) squad. [why am I doing this XD]

for the hate of mosquitoes. XDDDDD

that’s all I have for you today! see you monday!


58 thoughts on “Blogger shout-outs July!!

  1. Hehe, slapping mosquitos in the face (ewwwwww) hehe, oh and also, thanks for mentioning my blog Evin! I really do appreciate it! 🥳😜🤩😂😅🤗💗

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  2. May I request joining the squad? My resent for mosquitoes is growing by the day 😂😂😂 (also I’m not getting notified of your posts for some reason and ugh the frustration. Sorry for missing out :c)

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