One direction 🤩

10 years of 1D ~ My favourite one direction songs

Oi Oiii!!!!


AND, they haven’t reunited yet. well, they have been hinting a reunion but-

well, since you’re here, I’m be sharing my fav 1D songs through the decade!!

  1. One Thing


2. Through the dark

this one is rather underrated, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT’S AMAZAYN.

3. Don’t forget where you belong

this song has a really good message behind it and this is def in the playlist of my life.

4. What makes you beautiful

I think this is the most popular one direction song? And this was the first song I heard by them. If you haven’t listened to this then-


5. If I could fly

This one makes me cry sm and it’s SO underrated. please listen to this song and you’ll love it.

6. Girl almighty

I was literally so obsessed with this song XD The beat is just so good and I’m kinda mad this doesn’t have a MV

7. Right now

Another song that makes me bawl my eyes out. the live version is –

IS SO INCREDIBLE and it makes me jealous of the ppl who got to go to a live concert.

I could go on and on, because I have LOTS of songs that I love. but these are the top ones. I’ll link to the official one direction channel so you could listen to all of the songs by them


alrighty, tysm for reading – strean walls coz its AMAZING and you need to.

Thank u!

53 thoughts on “10 years of 1D ~ My favourite one direction songs

  1. YES!! ONE DIRECTION will always be my favorite band forever and ever. I tear up when I watch their interviews and behind-the-scenes video. I really miss them! I’ll be the happiest human on earth, if they reunited!!😭💕

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  2. I have to listen to more of their stuff! And these r my assumptions:
    U have long brown hair
    brown eyes
    U love sports
    Love writing
    R an extravert
    U play soccer

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    1. Yeah!!!!! Also, ummm… I think you’re supposed to make assumptions about a character 😅 ummmm I think you’d understand better after reading that post. (Link given above) also, if you’re interested a 1D video premiers in 54 mins!!!! (I’m waiting for it lol🤣)

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  3. Yesss, 1D IS THE BEST!! Gosh, I really want them to do a reunion bc I miss their harmony and how well there voices sounded 🥺🥺😭🥺
    What Makes you Beautiful was also the first song I listened to and all the songs you mentioned are just great!!Have you ever heard Half a Heart by them?
    These days I listen to the members individual music especially Styles new album!!

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    1. They are!!! IKR?
      Wowww that’s cool!!! I’ve heard of Half. A heart but I haven’t listened to it YET.

      I don’t follow their solo careers, but I know a couple songs by each of them🙁

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  4. “If I Could Fly” and “One Thing” are in my top six One Direction songs! I’m so upset that they never performed “If I Could Fly” live; think about all the Louis and Harry moments we could’ve got!

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