A day in the life of me! ~School version~

hello everybody! hope your day is going great! This post should’ve come out weeks ago. But here I am😂.

A couple weeks ago, I had a poll for what post I should do next.

There were actually 40 votes!! and the most votes were for…….. A DAY IN THE LIFE, SCHOOL VERSION! I’m super excited to do this! Now I’m in the seventh grade and I do online school. This is my sixth grade’s schedule.✨✨


But before we start a couple days ago, I was just thinking about thoughts when I realised that I had a day in the life quarentine version too! The post is called “HOBBIES AND PASTIMES” I can leave a link for you but I’m too lazy😬,I so you can search for “HOBBIES AND PASTIMES” or, look in the archives of April or May. Click here to read the post.

Coming back ,I’m from india!! This is will an “Indianised” school experience!!(it’s not that different 😝) There’s different schedules and events for everyday, I just decided to go with Monday!

here is the schedule for MONDAY’s at my school! we have 8 classes everyday. (I had to read my journal, because I forgot what I did in school back then. its been 4 months.


8:40 – 9:20- Cookery

9:20- 10:00 computer science


10:10- 10:50 Math

10:50- 11:30 Social studies

11:30- 12:10 GAMES!!

12:10- 12:50 English


1:20- 2:20 Chemistry.

2:20- 3:00 Social studies.

3:00- 3:40 Science

3:40- 4:00. Journal writing.

As soon as we arrive at school, [we have to be there before 7:50 am] we go to the amphitheatre for the assembly. Every Monday we sing the national anthem.

The first class is Cookery. I always forget to bring the ingredients. we only make healthy food anyway.. so.. Most of the time, I’m only watching or helping others with their thing [thing XD] they’re making.

Then we have Computer science. We do some kind of programming in the computer lab, or we have a theory class where we learn from a worksheet.

Then its BREAK! we have our snacks we brought from home, or just do whatever we want for 10 mins.

Math. Math used to be my fav subject! well, you know about math. what’s there to say?

Social studies. I once fell asleep during history period and so did some of my friends. But social is actually my fav class. Class, not subject. I dont have a favorite subject.

GAMES!! this is why everyone loves Mondays. games is basically like recess for 40 mins. We play Football, Volleyball and sometimes Table tennis. it’s always a lotta fun.

English. We just read a lesson from our text book, or we write something in our notes. sometimes we watch videos.

LUNCH! My favourite time of the day! we sit in two lines, facing each other. We share our lunches and we talk. I finish my lunch, then go to the library. I look for books and read them [Duh] The library at my school is huge. I love that place and it’s my fav place in the entire school. the books are organized and…… There’s so many books to read!

after lunch, we have a stack class [ which is just advanced Math and science. Advanced, meaning HARD] on Mondays, we have either Chem or Math. Chemistry and Math are my fav stack classes [again, I said classes]. The only thing about these classes is that they go on for an hour.

Social again: well.. scroll up, read the social studies one, come back here and read about the next class, XD.

Science! ; science is pretty interesting and.. sometimes our teacher even does experiments. so, science is pretty good.

finally, the last twenty mins of the day, we write all the things, or at least some things that happened throughout the day in our journal. Not everyone treats their journal as a journal you know, some use the papers for making paper Planes and other stuff. Not to mention that I have once too😉

Then we pack our bags and go down to the parent- pick up area, and some go to the bus boarding area. I love going in the school bus, we play a lot of games and we eat snacks. i love food, ❤ anyways, That was a day at my school!

Let’s talk!

What was one thing that you found interesting in this post? Comment how many times I said words related to “food” [including this one too] what do you like doing at school?

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I forgot to tell you, just forget about the blog Makeover and the poll and stuff. I was just surfing through WordPress themes when I found the perfect one for my blog!! I’m not going to be changing my designs now, but I will sometime later soon (wait what? Later or soon?!)

I’m confused too😂

*ahem* What I mean is that The Blog Makeover is cancelled🚫🚫

40 thoughts on “A day in the life of me! ~School version~

      1. Home schooling is fun! Mostly because we can take breaks whenever we want and we get to be off on Mondays. but I have to do math this summer cause im behind but its ok I don’t mind!

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      2. Yeah some of it is some of its not we don’t get to socialise much because of it so I dont have many friends except for the ones at my church.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No I have never been to a public school or private school my mom wants to send me and my sister to a private school tho. sorry its taking so long for me to respond I have a puppy he he’s all over the place! 😂😂😂😂

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  1. Yeah I can lol dogs are my favorite animal in the whole world I love them soooooo much❤️❤️ and I’m sure private school is fun but I don’t know how I would do im really shy! 😳 😂😂😂

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      1. Yeah normally when you get older you get more quiet not the case for me I never talked when I was little to anybody. now im 13 and im starting to find its easier to talk to people yeah I would hope I do OK!

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  2. Hi Evin! Your day is so long 😂😂 We used to have eight classes year ago, but now we have six classes. The school day starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 2…30? Idk sumn like that I forgot 😂😂 Monday used to be my fave day bc it had physics and double ICT (which are my fave subjects). What surprised me in your scheduele is Lunch. Are you all forced to sit together or is the class just friendly??

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh fun post!! It’s a really nice idea!! Your day sounds much nicer (even though longer) than my younger brother’s school day. 😂 I’ve been out of school for over a year but my favourite part was probably my music class and I loved organising arts/culture events or spending time in the library with my friends/mentees 😊

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  4. That was so engaging to read!! And hey kudos to us! Maths and Science being the best subjects and ofcourse the favourite part of a school day is group lunch haha🤩🤩🥳 XX

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