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Top 5 Friday! (With a Lil twist, tag by Vrose!💗)

Hey everybody! Hope having a great day! Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for a Top five Friday! I’ve never done one of these before, but Vrose tagged me to do this! Thanks! That was so sweet of you!!

Before you start reading this post, click here. Then come back and read this!

Okay, now you should’ve read all about the tag! So let’s get into it😜

This is the ques Vrose asked me: What is your top 5 desserts?

First of all, my all time fav dessert is Caramel pudding! Or caramel custard or Creme Caramel! There are soo many names so I’m going to stop now. Or is that it? Okay let’s get on with the post!

I make this all the time at home and I get this in every restaurant. My mom loves this dessert as well.

2. Chocolate!!!

How can we even forget about this? huge chocoholic here!!!💗

3. Ice cream!!!

Everyone loves ice-cream! My fav flavor is Chocolate, butterscotch, red velvet, Belgian choc, cotton candy, and cookies and cream!!

4. Milkshakes!!!!

I always get a Oreo milkshake! Which brings us to the next one…………

5. Oreos!!!!

I love Oreos sooo much!!! my fav ones are the classic ones. They’re always da best💕❣️

I ask……

Kaelyn and Srisha to do this with the same question: what is your top 5 desserts?

And….. i have some really exciting 🤩 news!!! It’s my one month blogiversary! (Did I spell that right?) Well, actually my 3 month blogiversary but not in WordPress 😉 I decided to start fresh, so yay! Happy 1 month blogiversary to me🎉🎉

Also, do you love to travel? Woukd you like to do a guest post?😉 Hop on over to my travel blog to read more!!

This was a lotta fun, if you’re reading this, then you read til the end, thanks❣️

25 thoughts on “Top 5 Friday! (With a Lil twist, tag by Vrose!💗)

      1. Haha XD. Today is my 1 month blogiversary! The 14th of July was my 3 month blogiversary but, that was in blogger. Since I’m not in blogger anymore, I decided to start fresh! So it’s not 3 months but 1.

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  1. This was such a cute post and you definitely have good dessert taste😉. Also Happy Blogiversary 🎉🥰 you’re celebrating quite a few milestones at the moment! Also I do love travel – really missing it 😔

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, great answers! I LOVE oreos!! Congrats on your one month blogginversary! When is your wordpress one month? Have a great day!!

    P.S. I wrote year up there and then changed it to month!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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