Cruise trip @ Halong Bay!!!! In Vietnam🇻🇳 (Part 1) Kayaking!

Im backkkk!!!!! With a really fun-to-read post!!!! This was my favourite experience in Vietnam! Alright, let’s do it!!

We went to Vietnam in 2018. (I’ll be writing about the Cruise trip in 2 parts. )

This is part 1!

April 27, 2018: We started at 7:30 in the morning to Halong Bay arrived at Than Chau ferry at 12 noon. The Cruise was called Lan Ha Legend. We had a sumptuous lunch and rested for a bit. My sis and I had our own room!😛 It looked so cool!

After rest, we went on our greatest adventure of the trip! Kayaking into the limestone caves! I went on a kayak with my mom and my sis with my dad. And.. the next part is kind of embarrassing… before we went into the cave, I saw a sign (on the cave) that said “Danger: Do not enter.” I was scared. The water wasn’t That deep so I felt better. But as we went deeper, it kept getting darker 😧 I started screaming😂 and then I started to cry. And guess what? So did my sista. 😂😂 We both cried all the way to out the cave.our instructor said it was safe. But we kept crying. When it was bright again, I felt like a conquered a mountain. 😂😂 Here is a photo;

After that intimidating experience, we watched the sunset from the deck. My fav part was sunbathing.

We also had a spring roll workshop where we learnt how to make spring rolls and, we had them for dinner! There was so much to eat!

We enjoyed squid fishing at night and went to sleep.

We only spent 2 days at the Cruise. This was day 1. part 2, day 2 will be comin out next week! But before I go, here are a few pics!

Hope you enjoyed!💗


Evin xx💕

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      1. Yay! It’s so cool that both of us can chat because we are having the same time. Most of our friends in America etc. have different timing right😂😉💕

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