Mission Not-impossible // a funny post xD

this is a top-secret mission. (Which I’m apparently sharing with the world😂😂)

So.. today wait.. it’s currently 1:27 am, the 2nd of July. Yes, you heard that right. Yesterday, the 1st of July was my dad’s birthday! I’ll write a post about that, it was super fun! I’m in my room with my lovely sis. If my mom catches me, then… I don’t know. So that’s why I’m writing this In the bathroom. To be extra safe.😂😂.

Alright, so by 12:00 am (our bedtime) Rupa and I came to our room. We just talked for a bit and after a while, we got hungry. I looked for snacks. Eating snacks past midnight is an activity I call “Midnight Pleasures😜😂😂”. But there was nothing. Nothing to eat!!😭

my sis and I quickly thought of the packet of ramen noodles…😏 I said we’d go make it. But my sista said if our mom found out… then.. It was a risk.😂😂 But a daring, yummy and top-secret one!!! We finally went to the kitchen, boiled water and put in the ramen. It smelled soo good!!!!!

But wait! I was keeping watch while my sistah took some cool photos. 😂 I also kept in pillows and covered them with blankets just in case our mom comes to check on us. So far so good. We cooked the noodles. It was sooo good!!

It got eaten up fast lol. But a while later, our door opened. 😨😨. It was our dad!!!!! I was soooo relived😺😺😺. We didn’t tell our dad about our secret mission. And… that brings us to this part again. Me writing this in the bathroom. 😂.

P.S. the time’s almost 2:00 am, I’m gonna go sleep.😴

Evin xoxo😜

39 thoughts on “Mission Not-impossible // a funny post xD

  1. Writing in the bathroom!? Lol! I should try that! And I love ramen noodles too! They smell super delicious! Super fun post!!❤😉😂

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