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A peek in my school journal👀📖……. TLWOF Day 5.

today, after I finished my chemistry Biology class, I found my old school journal. I mean not an OLD SCHOOL. an old JOURNAL that I used in school last year. Sixth grade. First year of Middle school. It was amazing!☺️ I like to keep track of all the things, so later when I look back at it later, a lot of memories come flooding [like today *sobs*]

I flipped thru the pages and I found a fun celebration/event. I thought of doing something different for today’s post. [you probably know by the title]. I’ll be giving you a peek in my journal! My handwriting is terrible. Only I can understand what I’ve written.🤪 . I had to buy a new journal becoz I finished my first one 😝. Anyway, here’s a snap. You probably won’t understand any of it, but that’s why I’m here . To explain! this was written on the Christmas Celebration at my school:😍🎉

By the first lines,”we didn’t rehearse” I meant that we didn’t practice singing Carols [I was in the choir] We have a place called “Amphitheater” that’s where we have all of our assemblies, gatherings and special events and celebrations. The cafeteria is right behind the AT [Amphitheater].

when we went on stage to sing Carols. I got the Mic [I wrote the spelling as ”MIKE” 😂] But it didn’t work. Then there was a dance performance [ I mentioned that it was “astounding”]

Then there was Santa! [a.k.a one of my teachers] SANTA threw out chocolates! i found one near me, so I shared it with my friend! [ K.P is one of my friends]

We came to class, [ joys and I are close friends she made cards for everyone in our class and we sneakily kept all the cards under the Christmas tree in our class so it would look like someone left these cards for our class] Near all those cards, I left a note saying ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! HO HO HO! [ To look like it was from Santa.]

A while after everyone came to class, they were all so excited to see the cards. Even our teacher didn’t know that it was actually us! But then they figured it out! by my handwriting! but it was so nice surprising my mates :)🤗. the rest of the day, we had stack classes [which is just advanced science and math] but behind us, there was a ‘know it all’ who kept shouting out the answers throughout the class! it was so annoying! 🙄🙄

alright! hope you had a fun time in my shoes! I did this post because I miss going to school a lot and I’m happy I did this!😛

24 thoughts on “A peek in my school journal👀📖……. TLWOF Day 5.

  1. I loved this post it was so entertaining to read which is how the perf post should be! And r u doin biology in 7th grade? If u r u must be rly smart;)

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  2. Loved it! 💕The funny thing is…. Today, I read one of my old journal from grade 6 too!😜 The memories! Loved being in your shoes! ❤

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