My blogging experience (so far…..) TLWOF, Day 4.


This post is all about my blog, why I started it and my evolution 😺.💖

Why did I start blogging? And why did I name my blog Thoughts and Dashes? I’ve already written about why I started blogging, click here to read more: and this is why this blog is called Thoughts and Dashes…

Well, I always have thoughts on my mind and I am a daydreamer.
But, when my mom asked me what to name my blog, I suddenly thought of “Dots and Dashes”.
So then, I was like ” why not name it Thoughts and Dashes??

about my blogger blog.

I started my blog in Blogger on the 14th of April. My blog readers were mostly my family, or my friends. My dad told about moving my blog to WordPress, but by that time, I really liked blogger. (Because I didn’t know what WordPress was😂)

After a month of blogging, I decided to maybe shift my blog to WordPress. I did some research and I looked up some WordPress blogs. They were really good! It looked very professional and there are thousands of themes to choose from! So, on the beginning of June, I started working on redirecting my blog to WordPress. after a couple of day, I started designing my template and my theme. on the 16th of June, I launched My blog in WP. I’m so glad I moved to WP, because Now It looks professional and I made a lot of new friends and met some new people! also, WP has a small bell icon on the right top corner, whenever there are new comments or likes or follows, I get notified! but the notifications are terrible in blogger. [my honest opinion] i have to log in to blogger and check for new comments or follows, by MYSELF.

Adding contact forms or just any form in general is very easy in WP . the block editor in WP is something I find reaalllyy useful. So. that’s it …. What about my “blogging evolution”? to be honest, I don’t really know…

but. I still have my Blogger blog’s link if you want to check it out: what do you think is better? Blogger or WordPress? So.. that is it! But now about the shout-outs


By the end of this week, I’ll be giving out 5 shout-outs to the “Liveliest people”

all you need to do is follow this blog (if you are already following, thanx🤗) and comment on TLWOF! [yes,that’s it] Also, as you may know, my blog is in the top 100 blogs in feedspot, here’s a link


Did you read my new post @ my travel blog? If not what are you waiting for?😂 byee!!

27 thoughts on “My blogging experience (so far…..) TLWOF, Day 4.

  1. That’s a great story! 🙂 I’ve never used Blogger myself, but it seems like WordPress functions more easily and looks better than the Blogger sites.


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  2. Hey!
    I think WP is way better. I tried many other sites before coming, this is the best. Anyway, amazing post!
    Stay safe! *virtual hugs*

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  3. I’ve never tried Blogger….. But I’m SUPER satisfied with WordPress❤ I’ve made so many new friends😊 Including you💕 This was a very unique post! Loved reading it!

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  4. Yay you!
    You can probably copy your posts over.
    Wordpress is more of a community then blogger but there are pluses and minuses to both.
    Happy blogging! Get your friends blogging with you 🙂
    Love, light and glitter

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